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Thank you for visiting our site. We are very proud of our Fudge, Door  Hangers and Potpourri and take great care to assure excellent quality in them. Don't forget to check our Show Schedule for upcoming show dates. SEE YOU SOON! 


This colorful door hanger measures approx. 28" wide x 36" long.  He is a stunning hanger.  Can be hung on a wall, in a window, and even on a covered porch!  Just be sure it is completely dry before packing away for next year.

Heath English Toffee 

This delicious combination gives your taste buds an outstanding delight!  We begin with our smooth, rich and oh so creamy vanilla fudge.  Then we add Heath English Toffee pieces and they melt down into the vanilla fudge! When you take a bite, you get the best of both worlds. Delicious, simply delicious is what we hear from our customers when they take a bite!


We make our potpourri out of dried fruits, nuts and botanicals then heavily scent with 100% Pure Oil.  This makes a wonderful gift for a house warming party, a birthday party, bridal gift, bridge maid gift, birthdays, anniversaries or just a friendship gift.